“Golden” Rules In Designing The Bedroom

If the living room is the face of the house, the bedroom is the place for you to recover energy. Designing your bedroom thoroughly and carefully is a necessary task. 

However, designing it by yourself is not easy if you are not an architect. I believe that with these simple and practical “golden” rules below, you can have a neat and nice bedroom that will help you to improve the quality of your sleep easily and effectively.

Choose Light Colour Tones

What we receive by vision can have a huge impact on our emotions. Therefore, when designing the bedroom, you should give priority to creating a feeling of relaxation by choosing gentle and smooth tones. You can develop the bedroom design with a neutral color palette like light yellow, light grey, pale blue, pastel pink or white.

Put The Bed In A Suitable Position

The way you arrange the furniture in your bedroom will determine the quality of sleep. With space for the rest, place the bed to achieve a peace of mind and the most comfortable feelings. The bed should lean against the wall and the view covers the room but not opposite the main door or window to avoid disturbance when someone moves. Moreover, the bedroom should have a corner facing the main door, the two remaining corner called “angle of air condenser”, which means where the energy accumulated in the mildest way. You should put a bed in this corner that would be easy for you to have a good and deep sleep. You should not put too much stuff around the bed, please make room for some peaceful space, so you can relax and fall asleep more easily.

Do Not Put Tv In The Bedroom

Watching TV before going to sleep may sound very relaxing, but actually it is a trap that would lead you to the “night owls” life. Scientists have proved that the glare and the continuous noise from the TV can slow down the secretion of the hormone melatonin- a hormone that helps us maintain a deep sleep and the rhythm of the biological clock. Therefore, instead of putting a TV on the wall when designing the bedroom, try hanging pictures and reading books to achieve better quality of sleep. 

Create A Green Space

The appearance of plants will help you regenerate energy efficiently, fell relaxed and more creative. But keep in mind not to put too many plants to avoid the lack of oxygen when sleeping. Another way for you is to have fresh flowers and change the flowers regularly to get more lively, refreshing and dreamy feelings.

Leave The Work Outside The Bedroom

The design idea combining resting space and workplace is almost very popular because it offers a sense of convenience, but actually it just makes you more stressful and even affects your sleep. If possible, create a workplace separate from the bedroom and do not bring electronic devices to the bed to avoid being affected by emails and messages. When entering the bedroom, take the time and the whole mind for the rest to get a good sleep.

Buy Goods And Items In Pairs

Experts suggest that even if you live alone, you should also purchase items in your bedroom in pairs: two bedside cabinets, two pillows, two lamps. In the science of Feng Shui, it can promote good energy and feelings of love in your life.

Reduce The Use Of Electronic Devices

In the bedroom, you should restrict the use of electronic devices such as laptops, desktop computers because they will affect your nervous system and sleep quality due to electromagnetic waves from these devices. Devices like phones, tablets also need to be powered off when you go to bed to ensure a good and deep sleep.


We hope that with all the tips we share above, you can have more ideas in designing the bedroom to achieve the best quality of sleep and relaxation as well!


Best Curling Irons for Long Hair By Consumer Reports – Reviews & Guide 2020

Keeping a long hair smooth and beautiful always might seem to be a difficult task. Most times curing it with an ordinary iron might not distribute the heat from the iron evenly to all the part of the hair, or even cause damages for your hair. There are some wands which are the best for people with long hairs.

Top 9 Curling Irons for Long Hair

These irons do not only keep your hair from kink and frizz, but it also help to make any type of wave, curl and volume and at the same time keep your hair shining always. Going to the market and searching for them might be a little stress, like this, we have come up with the best 9 curling iron for long hairs.

Remington Pro 1” -1 ½ “ Curling Wand

Having conducted several types of research and done a lot of reviews, we recommend this iron for long hairs. Remington Pro has a barrel inch of about 1” -1 ½ inch making it an ideal one for people with long hair. Also, a pearl ceramic coating that gives your hair smooth curls and also helps it to last for the long term.

The ceramic technology at the same time keeps your long hair free from kinking or frizzing together. This wand can heat up to about 410°F within 30 seconds of putting it on. In other to assure you of its reliability, it comes with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer.

The digital control makes the wand easy to operate and access. Alongside the digital comes to a temperature lock that keeps the temperature of the iron the exact level you want it, thereby, preventing it from damaging your hair.

HOT TOOLS Professional 24K Gold Extra-Long Barrel Curling Iron

This product comes in a gold color that does not only make it attractive to all users, but it also adds elegance to the salon or bathroom where it is used. Although it does not come at an expensive price rate, you would need some amount of money to purchase it.

HOT TOOLS professional 24k iron has an extra-large barrel size of about 2inch. This large size serves as a good wand for length hairs as it would distribute heat to every part of the hair and also curl the whole hair smoothly.

It can heat up to about 430°F within a few seconds of putting it on. Its 8ft swivel cord makes it easy to extend to any part of the room or salon with easiness. For users looking for the wand to make super tight, bouncy curl or lose wave with their long hairs, this is what you are looking for.

INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Nano Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron

For users in search of a slightly cheap curling iron to keep their long hair frizz-free and shining always, then this wand is a great option for you. It has a barrel size of about 1 ¼ inch, therefore, making it a suitable one for people with long hairs.

Maybe you are in a hurry to go to work, and you don’t want to look untidy, this can make things fast for you. It can heat up to about 400°F within 30 seconds of putting it on. The LED temperature display gives you a time-to-time update on the level of the temperature of the iron.

It also features five precision heat settings which means that this wand can be used to make any type of hair. INFINITIPRO curling iron helps to get rid of hot spots thereby preventing your hair from damaging.

Xtava 5 in 1 Professional Curling Iron

Xtava curling iron comes with 5 styling tools which are a 0.3 -0.75 inch tapered clipless barrel, a 0.7 – 1 barrel with a clamp, a 1-inch barrel with a clamp and a 1.25-inch barrel with a clamp. With this kit, you can make any curls, bouncy wave and any form of hairstyle be it a long, short or medium hair.

In addition to this, this wand comes with a heat resistant glove that gives your maximum hand protection from the heavy heat that comes out of the iron. Likewise, it has an easy to read digital LCD screen display that gives you awareness when your temperature as heat to the level you set it between 250°F -410°F degrees.

Since it’s 9 precise temperature settings that come with this iron, you can make all types of hair from short, medium, and long hair to thin, fine, normal, thick and coarse hair.

Homitt 2 in 1 Hair Straightener and Curler

What makes this curling iron unique is that it comes with full flesh warranty that makes it a reliable. If you don’t find this and 100% satisfying 60 days after purchasing it, you can return it to the manufacturers, and your money would be returned. Besides this, it has a 12-month worry-free warranty from the manufacturer.

Apart from its reliability, it is also effective as it comes with 5 temperature control which makes it an ideal one for any type of hair you want to curl. Also, it has an LCD digital display that gives time-to-time information about the temperature level of the wand.

This model also guaranty fully safety of its users as it features an auto-off system that makes the wand stopped working 60 minutes after being inactive. The dual voltage of this product simply means it can be used at any time at anywhere with easiness.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron

Since this wand is made with Nano titanium ceramic, you are rest assured the heat level will be effectively regulated in other to prevent the hair from damaging. Likewise, the Nano titanium also makes your hair always shine with several waves and curls that would last shine a long time.

It features Sol-Gel Technology that makes the iron barrels 37% stronger and 22% smoother than those of standards irons. BaBylissPRO has 8ft tangle-free swivel cord that can be stretched to any part of the room without many difficulties. This wand can heat up to about 450°F within a few seconds of activation.

With the 50 heat settings of this model, you can curl any type of hair and make any style with it, with the assurance that your hair won’t be damaged. The ceramic barrel of this wand helps to distribute heat evenly to all part of the hair.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Conicurl Iron

BaBylissPRO Conicurl Iron has a weight of 14 ounces which makes it easy to move from one place to another. Its tapered design gets rid of any form of kink or twist or frizz from hair. Likewise, it features a titanium barrel that keeps your hair smooth and shining always.

It also makes your curling last for a long time before you would make another curling again. You could make an impromptu meeting with a gorgeous hair as it heats up within a jiffy and you can do the whole curling in less than 10 minutes. With all its unique qualities, it is delightful to know that this product comes at an affordable price.

With its 50 heat settings, BaBylissPRO Conicurl Iron can curl any type of hair you want. Similarly, it can heat about 450°F, therefore, providing far-Infrared heat to penetrate the hair shaft and reveal smooth frizz free curls. To start this curling wand, all you need is to push the turbo heat button, and your beautiful short hair is ready to slay.

NuMe Classic Curling Wand

NuMe comes in a black design that makes it one of the most attractive curling iron for short hairs. Its design does not underestimate its performances as it comes in several outstanding features which automatically qualifies it as one of the best curling wands for short hairs.

Firstly, it comes with an advanced PTC heating mechanism that provides adequate heat for smooth curing of your hair. Apart from this, a resistance glove that gives maximum protection to your hands from the heat also features in this product.

That is not all, NuMe Classic Curling Wand also has a clipless design that gives room for a fizz free curl. The dual voltage of about 110-240v allows its users to either tune the heat to an either high or low level. Lastly, the tourmaline ceramic of this product provides a smooth and friction-free surface to reduce the breakage of this curling iron.

Mr. Big Curling Iron

This wand perhaps is the longest curling iron in the market today. This means that it can work suitably on any long hair to make any style. Also, its multiple heat settings make it an ideal wand for any type of hair.

Since it has a ceramic triple-plated barrel that uses negative ion technology this wand will not only keep your hair free from kinks and frizz, but it also gives your hair curl, wave, and volume and at the same time make it to shine for a long term.

Meanwhile, Mr. Big curling iron is a safe one as it has an auto-off system that keeps the iron off 60 minutes after being inactive. More importantly, this iron has a lengthy swivel cord that can be extended to any part of the room with ease.


Tips For Choosing The Color Of A Mattress Cover For Your Bed Sheets

Imagine you come back home after a hard-working day from dawn till dusk and have to stay in a bedroom, lie down on a mattress with unpleasant colors. How do you feel?


“Oh… Awful!”

These may be the answers of so many people when they receive the mentioned above question. Some even confess that the distasteful colors may damper their mood on the spur of the moment. Are you in the same cases?

If yes, don’t worry. We will provide you the tips to find out the colors that best suits your taste.

Colors for your mattress

The Importance of Mattress Colors for Your Bedsheets.

Colors were born to make the world become diverse. Without the existence of colors, our lives would be monotonous, even tedious. Similarly, colors can make your bedroom become a new and better  world for different purposes.

1. Show your identity

It is believed that if you want to explore a person’s identity, come to his bedroom because all the answers will be there. Bedroom is a place where we can showcase our personality, a creative hub where we decorate everything we want.Bedroom is our personal world and we are genuine creators. 

Colors play an indispensable role in helping us fulfill the mission of a creator for the world we create. A mattress cover with the right colors can tell the world who you are.

Good colors for your personal traits 

2. Make your sleep better

When mentioned about how to choose the good mattress for our good night’s sleep, the general things which first dawn on our mind may be the firmness of mattress, the size, the suitable shape or so on. But we often forget the importance of color.

As mentioned before, color can bring you a pleasant experience which can help you ease your mind after a hard day at work. We often spend up to 10 or 15 minutes, or even more, to literally fall into sleep. This is the time when a comfortable experience can help.

Choosing the wrong color for your mattress may not immediately cause you insomnia, but may negatively affect the deficiency of your sleep. 

3. For concentration

The modern world has led to some considerable changes in the way we live and work. In the past, people often finished their work at the office and the bedroom is literally a place to sleep and rest. However, this case is not true for today’s workers as they sometimes have to work at home on their own bed.  

Some even bring their laptop and stay on the bed working till night descends. So choosing the right color can also help you apply yourself more to your tasks. 

Tips for Choosing Suitable Colors

1. White

White is the basic color which has been used for centuries to refer to something pure, clean and courteous. If you love a formal and classic tone for your private world, white or ivory color is not a bad option. However, you should also take the “purity” into account as white easily gets stained. Don’t end up having  insomnia because you have to stay up late washing your mattress cover.

2. Neutral colors

Neutral colors

Beige, off-white or grey may be an ideal choice if you want to keep your bedroom an elegant space but not too simple. In this case, buying a brighter or darker pillow may be a good tip to consider when it comes to generating a highlight.

3. Bright colors

If you are a newly-wed couple or you want to buy a mattress cover for your baby bed sheets, bright colors will be good choices. Blue, green or pink with some patterns can make your bed sheets more interesting.

In conclusion

Above are some tips for you to take into account when making a purchase on the mattress cover. Colors can have the power inside, they can bring miracles to your sleep and working experiences. Therefore, choosing the right mattress color is of great importance.

Thank you for reading!